Violating The Rule of Thirds

Does this violate the rule of thirds?
Does this violate the rule of thirds?

Composition has been a preoccupation for me lately, and I have been challenging some of the rules. The rule of thirds is being challenged in the photograph above. The vertical division is right down the center and may be considered a poor compositional choice from an academic stand point. Neither of the two footings on this playground climbing wall are positioned at the intersecting thirds that would be expected if following the rule of thirds. Again, academically a poor choice. When considering the painted background, the left hand side is divided horizontally one third from the top. Does this division comply with the rule of thirds, creating balance to the composition? Or is this a compositional fail?

Personally, I like the play of texture and color and I found the composition to feel balanced even though my initial reaction was that it was all wrong. I feel a tension to this photograph that resolves nicely as I explore the differences in texture and the subtlety of the blues and find my eyes circling around the image. I say this compositional violation works for me. What do you think? Is it compositional violation? Does it work for you?


One thought on “Violating The Rule of Thirds”

  1. I like the hand hold picture. Yes, the “rule of thirds” is a general rule of thumb for photography, however it is not absolute, it is only a guideline. At first look the picture did look unbalanced, after looking over the entire print, I could see the colors were also off, although they did add balance to the picture.

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