St. Francis

St. Francis statue

Here is a challenging picture. I was walking around with my camera and I had decided the roll was to be given normal development. When I came upon this statue of St. Francis, I had a decision to make. I wanted to give extra exposure to gain better detail in the plaques and bottom areas, but I would have to decrease development to retain detail in the statue and ruin most of the roll. I decided to place the brightest areas at zone VII and attempt dodging in the darkroom. Every attempt I made at dodging the left hand plaque resulted in a halo, and I finally gave up. I may attempt to print it again, but the real lesson is to make sure and bring an extra camera body  the next time I visit. It sure would be nice to go back and photograph this with my view camera. Then I could take care of those converging lines. I still enjoy this photograph as is and I hope you do too!

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