Simple Landscape

Landscape, Volcano Park

Here is a landscape¬†photo I made while hiking recently. I had intended to hike up Vulcan, the largest of three volcanoes at a nearby park. Vulcan has become one of my favorite subjects and I had begun work on a portfolio of images about Vulcan. Unfortunately, this day I discovered many of the trails are now permanently closed to hikers including the main trail up to Vulcan, so I found myself exploring a trail which I normally do not hike. I was hiking up a trail when I was struck by the subtlety of colors and an opportune sky. I moved to the side to allow other hikers pass, then began composing several shots. This was captured with my dslr in manual mode. I’m still experimenting with digital and I find it to be fun and easy. Film is still my favorite, but I enjoy having a new medium to add to my arsenal.

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