petroglyphs, New Mexico
Petroglyphs, Rinconada Canyon

I’m not very pleased with this photograph, but I’ve decided to share my successes and failures on this blog. This photo is from a test roll and also a first visit to the trail in Rinconada Canyon. Most of the areas are closed access and had had brought minimal equipment that day making composing very difficult. The exposure and contrast are a bit off and I will be able to get better compositions out there with a longer lens. I definitely will attempt the trail again. This photo is a work print, and after viewing it I decided to go no further with it. I am actually very excited by the petroglyphs and think I may start a small portfolio of them. It is fun trying to find as many petroglyphs as possible while hiking the canyon. Some are very obvious and in large groups, while others are easily missed. Stay tuned for more.

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