Ipad Pro Plus Apple Pencil Equals Much Better Than A Mouse

Jellyfish no. 4

I have recently begun incorporating an Ipad Pro into my workflow. The jellyfish portfolio I’ve been working on has been a nightmare. Each photo requires at least two hours of post processing and I have avoided some of them because using a mouse has been horrendous. The current one is taking even longer than any I have completed. The problem is really due to how particular I am being about them all matching one another. I want the water completely blacked out and the fine details makes it very difficult not to obliterate anything. The Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil gives me much more control and it is very cool to work directly on the photograph. Of course, there are challenges to using the Ipad Pro.

The first challenge is simply deciding what software to use. I need software that will allow me to import TIFF files and export them intact. The resolution must not be scaled down. I want the ability to work in layers and I especially like using layer masks. While the jellyfish don’t require layer masks, I have found them to be helpful. Some of my other work is made much easier by their use, however, and I find I must have access to layer masks. Well, so far I haven’t found software for the Ipad Pro that allows layer masks and retains full resolution, so the Ipad Pro can’t replace my computer for all editing, though it has proven extremely helpful.

I am using Pixelmator at the moment while I research other options and so far the interface works well. There is no option in Pixelmator for ios to export TIFF files, so I export PSD files and convert them back to TIFF in GIMP. The Ipad Pro, or Pixelmator(I can’t tell which), wants to embed an SRGB profile into the image, but if I convert the PSD to Adobe RGB before the TIFF conversion it seems to work well. When I tested converting to TIFF first then converting to Adobe RGB there seemed to be some loss to the color gamut. As I experiment, there are some things that are easier to do on the Ipad Pro, and some things that are easier on the computer. And, layer masks are still a computer activity. The Ipad Pro is still new enough that I expect improvements to available software, and layer masks with the ability to retain full resolution is probably not far off. Maybe I will get lucky and find something currently available that works. If you know of better software for the Ipad Pro that includes layer masks and high resolution, please comment and let me know.

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