wild iguana
Iguana in the wild
large wild iguana
large iguana, Puerto Rico
Iguana, Peurto Rico
Iguana close up, Puerto Rico

When I spotted my first iguana running wild in Puerto Rico, I was extremely excited! I love reptiles and did not realize iguanas were on the island. I later found out that they are not indigenous and are all descended from released pets. From my understanding, the iguana is a nonthreatening invasive species. Some of the residents view them as a nuisance and others love them. When I discovered an iguana feeding area and read the sign stating feeding time was 11 A.M., I was determined to come back the next day. There was a sanctuary for the iguanas, really just a fenced in area to keep out dogs. Apparently the dogs are the biggest threat to the iguanas followed by cars. When feeding time came, dozens of iguanas showed up. It was amazing! They left the caged area and crawled all around my feet, and of course it was a popular spot so they really crawled around everyone’s feet! I pet a couple of them even though we were all encouraged not to touch. But no one could really stop me because they were wild. I only had my iPhone with me, but I shot tons of pictures. This one is average size for the ones I saw, but bigger than almost every captive iguana I’ve ever seen. The largest male was really feisty and did not come to close. He stayed behind the fence, but people threw him lettuce and he ate plenty. I always thought iguanas are very cool, I just didn’t expect to ever see them roaming free. They all looked very healthy with no stuck pieces of shedding skin. The tropical environment is perfect for these beautiful lizards. I want to go back to Puerto Rico with a proper set of gear and capture more of these beauties, hopefully on film next time!

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