It’s no secret. I love film. I shoot mostly black and white negatives but I have played around with poloroid 669 before. Lots of fun! I used to shoot tons of color slides especially when I first started photography. They were very easy to process at home with four solution sets available to process them. Color negatives were never really my thing, but I’ve used those too. The thing is, black and white has a special place in my heart. I love the look and feel of fiber prints and I find black and white negatives magical. I’ve even stopped contact printing small format negatives because I like looking at them so much. I just judge them as best I can and I can only print very few of them anyway. I decided long ago not to put together a color darkroom. I don’t like working with the chemicals, and most of the equipment is way too expensive. The papers are cheap, but that’s about it. My intention was to shoot slides and scan them if I wanted to work in color, but I found that an out of date professional dslr was WAY cheaper than a good scanner. And the quality is great. So after some checking I bid on an outfit and have been playing with digital. I have a ton to learn and I am no expert yet, but I will share my experience over time.

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