More Cyanotype – Double Shovelhead

Double Shovelhead detail cyanotype

I’ve been playing with cyanotype this week and having fun, so I have decided to post another photograph made with cyanotype. Last time I spoke about making a digital negative, and I tried out a few before learning how to make a good one. This photo was made by converting a color photo into a negative and then converting it to black and white. It was necessary to adjust the contrast using a very strong curves adjustment. The digital negative was further adjusted in the printer setting and finally printed onto film. It is approximately 8 1/4″x10 3/4″. I made the negative yesterday and printed the cyanotype today. The exposure was 30 minutes in the direct sun. It’s a fun photograph of a detail from a double shovelhead motor. That is two Harley Davidson motors pieced together to power one motorcycle! Very wild. This motorcycle was operated by Dave Campos and achieved the land speed record back in 1990. The speed of the record was 322.149 MPH. Dave Campos was at an event back in March when I had the chance to photograph the shovelheads. I really like this photograph and I hope you can enjoy it too.

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