Cactus in bloom

flowering cactus
cactus flower

Not long ago, I was hiking and saw many cacti in bloom. The flowers look gorgeous, and I shot a ton of them in color. I had to stay on the trail, and some of the ones off the trail looked to be in larger patches, but I still found many on the edge of the trail. I would like to attempt them again with a faster lens so I can blur the background more. Right now I have only one lens for my dslr, and it is slow. I have ordered an adapter to use my 35mm lenses on it, and I will be playing with many lenses once the adapter arrives. I’m working on some black and white negatives right now, but I saw these cactus flower shot and wanted to share one. Every time I go hiking, there is something new to see and I try to shoot what is most interesting that day. I thought about going back and trying some of these on black and white film, but they were not looking as good when I went back. I will probably have to wait until next year to try these again, and I’m ok with that because I usually don’t shoot flowers anyway. Some of these had bees and insects flying around them, and I shot a few but found them uninteresting. This shot intrigued me because the flowers seem to be floating above the ground. I wanted to keep the background as simple as possible to keep attention on the flowers themselves. With the harsh sun, and not much greenery, it was difficult to get an interesting backdrop. If I had found a good landscape with a lot of these cactus flowers in it, I may have been a little happier that day. The cactus was just too spread out, so I focused my attention on close ups.

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