A note about black and white

While I certainly encourage anyone to use any technique to create photographs, at this time I am not doing any black and white in digital. Any black and white image I post is shot on film and printed in the darkroom. I scan the original print on a flatbed scanner to create the digital files. The print is scanned in color and presented full frame with no digital adjustments. I am starting to experiment with a dslr, but only in color. If you ever have questions about any image, I’d be very happy to hear from you!

UPDATE 04/20/16

I have since begun to do much of my work digitally. I still shoot black and white film, but almost exclusively with a view camera. Digital printing on a high end pigment based printer in color far surpasses anything I’ve done in a color darkroom. Darkroom time is so limited (as well as traditional color materials) that I have decided to concentrate on 4×5 black and white in the darkroom. I have begun to do a small amount of work with black and white in digital and I have started to see some excellent results. Using an Olympus OMD-EM5 has expanded the amount of successful handheld work I can produce and it has virtually replaced my 35mm work. There are times when film is the best choice, but for me color work is best done digitally.

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